About Us

Electronics Safety & Security Association of Bangladesh (ESSAB) is a non-profi¬table trade association, established in 2013. ESSAB has evolved into the largest professional trade association in Bangladesh with the purpose of representing, promoting and enhancing the growth and capacity building of the -fire safety, life safety, security, and integrated systems industry. ESSAB provides advocacy to the government, delivers necessary information, enhance professional development tools, organize trainings and introduces latest technologies that members use to grow and prosper their businesses.
As a positive advocate for the fire safety, life safety, security, and integrated systems industry, ESSAB works in all levels to increase awareness about the value of the products and services. The association supports new technology and applications with customized and relevant training facilities and proactively promotes the industry through awareness activities for users by trade and media relation programs. ESSAB also supports legislation and regulations that enhance public safety. Guided by a strong leadership and a commitment to the advancement of technology and professionalism, ESSAB is a strong foundation that includes ¬financial stability and recognition as a professional trade association that works to address important issues for the well-being of the industry.
ESSAB is licensed by the government of Bangladesh and affiliated by the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI). ESSAB is also supported by many national and international organizations.

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